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Conclusion: Usage of Kolkhuri ointment in cases of various suppurating and necrotic wounds purifies wounds and increases the regeneration process. Its effect is substantiated by its bacterial static and bactericide properties. The Kolkhuri ointment never causes either lesions of tissues around wounds or any allergic reaction, it contributes to tissues granulation development. Patients did not note any unpleasant feelings due to the ointment usage. In some cases pain reduced. There are not established any contra-indications... Kolkhuri ointment is recommended as a medical preparation to heal the suppurating and necrotic and post-operation open wounds. According to clinical conclusions, effect of the ointment manifested itself in the degritation phases of wounds healing...
Download the full report here: Ointment Kolkhuri Medical Approval Conclusion, AcSci Georgia, AcSci Russia

...The mechanism of action of the ointment “Kolkhuri” can partially be explained by the properties of its ingredients: alkaloids, catechols, glycosides, flavins, organic acids, microelements, vitamins and other substance which, due to activation of tissue regeneration, can exert influence on vessel permeability, microcirculation and other function of the organism... Indications: ointment “Kolkhuri” is recommended for treatment of wounds, erosions, burns, sluggish wounds and flaccidly granulating wounds.
Download the full report here: Consolidated Report on the Preparation, Prof. Tuskia

Conclusion: use of Kolkhuri ointment in case of burnt wounds, trophic ulcers and resistant wounds causes regenerative process and speeds up skin healing. Its efficient affect is determined by bacteriostatic and partially bacteriocytic affect on a wound surface. The ointment never caused irritation around the wound, calms down pain, has pleasant smell, white-greeny color and tender consistency. It never leaves spots on linen that relives psychological condition of patients as well as medical staffs taking care for patients. There are not identified any contra-indications. Kolkhuri ointment may be used as one of the most effective medicine for burnt wounds of I-II-IIIa degrees, during a pre-operation period (autoplastics) for trophic ulcers of various ethiology and resistant wounds...
Download the full report here: Conclusion of Kolkhuri Ointment Medical Approval, Ministry of Health Georgia - 1996.

Conclusion: application of the ointment “Kolkhuri” to treat various-etiology purulent and granulating wounds and burns leads to cleaning of the wounds and stimulation of the regeneration process. Its effect is determined by bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties of the medicine. Besides, the ointment exhibited no side effects, does not cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, decreases pain and has no contradictions...
Download the full report here: Clinical Report on Ointment Kolkhuri Test, Ministry of Defense Georgia - 1999.

Full report by Tbilisi State Medical University - Scientific-Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine: Preclinical Study of the New Pharmaceutical Kolkhuri - 1996. • BLNC_MT

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